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What To Do When Phone Screen Breaks

What To Do When Phone Screen Breaks?

Crack! There goes your phone screen – the heart-dropping sound that’s every smartphone owner’s nightmare. Whether it slipped from your hands or had an unfortunate encounter with a hard surface, a broken phone screen can feel like a mini-disaster. But before you start envisioning a hefty repair bill or battling with frustration, take a deep breath. 

Welcome to this ultimate guide brought to you by Appcessories LLC! We’re about to unravel the mysteries of dealing with a broken phone screen, from the best phone repair services and DIY myths to the cost of getting it professionally replaced.

A Guide To Fixing Broken Phone Screens by Doorstep Phone Repair Experts

When your phone screen breaks, there are a few paths to consider. Engaging professional repair services is a reliable option, ensuring expert assessment and quality repair. DIY attempts with toothpaste, glue, or tape should be avoided, as they can lead to different types of phone screen damage. Professionally replacing the screen might seem costly, but it’s a worthy investment for long-term functionality. If you would like to learn how keep reading the article. 

Repair Options To Fix a Broken Phone Screen

  • Authorized Service Centers

The safest route is visiting an authorized service center. Expert technicians assess the damage and use genuine parts for a reliable fix. This option may be pricier, but it guarantees quality and maintains warranties.

  • Third-Party Repair Shops

These offer a middle ground between authorized centers and DIY. Look for reputable shops that use quality parts. They’re often more affordable than authorized services.

  • DIY Kits

Some repair kits claim to make you a screen-fixing ninja. However, be cautious, as these kits vary in quality and require technical skills. Attempting this route might save money, but it could end in frustration.

Can You Fix Your Phone Screen at Home?

DIY enthusiasts might be tempted to take matters into their own hands. While it’s empowering, fixing a phone screen at home isn’t always advisable. Modern smartphones are intricate devices, and a misstep can lead to further damage. Moreover, opening your phone might void warranties. Unless you’re experienced, and have the right tools and access to quality replacement parts, it’s wiser to seek professional assistance. Remember, a well-intentioned DIY effort might turn your phone into a costly paperweight. 

DIY Repair Myths to Ignore

  • Toothpaste or Baking Soda

You’ve probably heard about using toothpaste or baking soda to fill in cracks. But hold on! These abrasive materials can further damage your screen and affect touch sensitivity.

  • Super Glue or Tape

Using super glue or tape might seem like a quick fix, but they’re risky. Glue can seep into the device, causing irreparable damage, while tape can leave behind residue.

  • Blow Dryer

Trying to fix a shattered screen with a blow dryer to melt the glass? Don’t! It can lead to overheating and cause more problems.

DIY Screen Repair VS Professional Screen Repair Services

Aspect Professional Screen Repair Services DIY Screen Repair
Expertise Skilled technicians with experience in diagnosing and fixing various phone models Limited knowledge and risk of causing further damage
Quality Genuine replacement parts and proper tools to ensure a quality repair service Often involves makeshift solutions using household items, compromising device integrity.
Reliability Guaranteed results with accurate diagnoses and thorough repair procedures Outcomes vary widely, leading to uncertainty about successful repair
Time Efficiency Quick turnaround with efficient repairs, minimizing downtime Involves trial and error, often taking longer to achieve results
Warranty consideration Many professional services offer warranties on repairs, ensuring peace of mind DIY repair lacks warranties and can void the manufacturer’s warranty
Safety Adherence to safety protocols ensures device functionality and user safety  Risk of damaging the device further or causing harm to oneself
Longevity Repairs done by professionals extend the phone’s lifespan and maintain its value DIY fixes might lead to recurrent issues, reducing the device’s longevity
Convenience Doorstep Phone Repair service option with a hassle-free repair process Requires time, research, and experimentation, potentially causing frustration
Overall Value Professional services offer reliable, long-lasting solutions, preserving the phone’s integrity DIY attempts may lead to more expenses due to errors and repeated repairs

Remember, while DIY attempts might seem cost-effective, the risk of worsening the damage and compromising the device’s functionality is significant. Opting for professional screen repair services, like the ones offered by us Appcessories LLC ensures a safe, reliable, and expertly executed solution for shattered phone screens. 

Cost of Getting a Phone Screen Replaced Professionally

Repair costs vary depending on factors like the phone model, type of damage, and service provider. Authorized centers tend to be pricier due to quality assurance. Third-party repair shops offer more budget-friendly options, but quality may vary. Remember, the cost of professional repair outweighs the risk of further damage from amateur attempts. Also, factor in the value of warranties and the assurance of a properly functioning device.


Congratulations, you’ve unlocked the secrets of handling a broken phone screen! Now armed with knowledge, you’re ready to make informed decisions. While DIY might be tempting, safety and quality are paramount. 

Whether you opt for authorized service centers or trusted third-party repair shops, prioritize professional expertise. If you would like to avail our professional screen repair and replacement services, feel free to contact us or visit our website for more information. 

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