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Tips for Starting Your Computer Repair Shop in Braintree

Do you still enjoy disassembling and reassembling electronics as much as you once did? Do you still recall how it felt to obtain your first computer and write your first program?

It’s not too late to start a job that is motivated by your passions. The fact that you can leverage your inherent entrepreneurial abilities to transform your passion into a successful local business is even greater.

Top 9 Tips for Starting Your Computer Repair Shop in Braintree

It won’t just happen that a computer repair shop in Braintree opens up in your neighborhood. Don’t let someone else get the jump on you! To open your store immediately without a hitch, simply follow these steps.

1. Get Educated

Computer repair shop in Braintree often lacks the state-mandated trade licensing requirements that electricians do. Additionally, you can work as a computer repair specialist without a college degree. But in the field, certificates are highly valued.

The A+ certification is the most significant industry-required credential. These specialized IT certificates are given out annually by CompTIA, and testing begins in the fall.

There are two examinations required for the CompTIA A+ certification. The “essentials” exam gauges candidates’ grasp of fundamental IT concepts, while the second exam gauges their aptitude for using such concepts.

Although it’s not necessary, associate’s degree programs in IT are strongly advised for anyone looking to work in computer repair. Associate’s degrees are accessible, provide thorough entry-level education, and are provided by most nearby community colleges.

2. Find Your Repair Niche

A variety of repair needs are covered by computer repair. Smaller products like cell phones, tablets, and e-readers now fall under computer repair.

Consider specializing in certain repairs, such as PCs, iPhones, Apple devices, or android phones, if you don’t want to serve everyone.

If there isn’t a computer repair business in your area, capitalize on the need by providing various repair services. You might also offer data plans and mobile services.

3. Learn the Ropes

It’s time to gain practical experience now that you have some knowledge. Applying for a position as a computer repair technician is the next step.

There are numerous professional paths you can choose from. You might begin working for a huge organization like Best Buy.

Start locally and apply to a small computer repair business. Small businesses allow you the ability to do a variety of jobs so you can gain experience in marketing, customer service, and purchasing.

You might consider applying to a company that provides home or office computer repair services. This point relates to the next topic: identifying the niche for your potential computer repair shop in Braintree.

4. Define Your Market

One strategy to determine your market is to be aware of the demands of your neighborhood.

To narrow down your target market, you must undertake a more thorough market study that considers annual income, age, customer needs, location, and other demographics.

To generate customer profiles, market research is used. These profiles assist in developing more precise marketing objectives and clarify organizational goals.

5. Write a Business Plan

Setting goals is necessary if you’re developing a company strategy. Practically speaking, business plans are required if you want to obtain a bank loan. Making an action plan is also wise business practice.

Your business strategy should also contain the following information in addition to goals:

  • In the beginning, an executive summary
  • Business overview in general
  • Your operational strategy
  • A market study is available to you.
  • Services for fixing computers are described.
  • Your marketing and sales strategy
  • A comparison of your rivals
  • Plan for future management
  • Monetary objectives and management
  • Business forecasts

Plans for businesses cover a lot of ground. A business coach or attorney can be helpful during this process. The accuracy of your business plan is vital!

6. Set Goals for Your Computer Repair Shop

Without objectives, it is impossible to manage a firm. Setting and working toward goals provides focus and motivation.

Once you know who you’re selling to, you may sit down and list reasonable business objectives. Get the ball rolling by setting first-quarter targets. Goals could be charged for the number of new clients acquired each month, the amount of money made each quarter or the percentage of people who purchase during the grand opening promotion.

As you achieve one business objective after another, you should raise the bar for yourself. During busy times, extra efforts are needed to boost sales.

7. Choose a Location

When it comes to providing local services, location is key. Locate your business in an area where there is a need for your offerings and where there is also enough foot traffic to justify the expense. Storefronts should be placed in highly visible areas, thus avoiding places like back alleys.

If your computer repair shop in Braintree is on the second floor, attract clients’ attention with a large sign.

8. Get Permits and Licensing

Don’t forget to fill out any required forms. A business checking account at a local bank is a need. Furthermore, you will need to legally secure the appropriate licenses and permits to run your enterprise.

After getting your permits, it’s time to stop by the city’s Chamber of Commerce. Many helpful tools are available to you if you own a small business.

9. Promote Your Computer Repair Business

The last task is to develop a marketing strategy for your computer repair business.

Fortunately, advertising repair services online have never been easier or less expensive.

Create free social media accounts, add a blog to your website to inform visitors about smartphone repair, and implement an AdWords strategy to draw worthwhile Google traffic to your store.


These nine suggestions won’t guarantee a successful computer repair shop in Braintree. Still, they will at least help you get started in the right direction regarding a computer, iPhone & tablet repair.

Come to the certified technicians at Appcessories Electronics! We have two convenient locations for all your cell phone repair needs, or we can come to you! We also do phone unlocks.

You’ll be glad to know that we don’t compromise on quality and use only superior OEM parts for our electronic repair work.

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