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How To Prepare Your Phone Before Sending It To Repair Shop In Braintree

How To Prepare Your Phone Before Sending It To Repair Shop In Braintree

All of us store important data and personal information on our cell phones like pictures, videos, contacts, addresses, media files, passwords to our social media accounts, bank transactions, and so many more things that we cannot afford to lose. And which, if accessed by criminals, can be used for stealing identities to perform illegal activities. But if we break our phone, we must take it to a computer repair shop in Braintree to fix it immediately.

Although the technicians at iPhone and iPad repair stores in Braintree know how to handle sensitive data and sophisticated issues, we still must take the necessary precautionary measures to ensure that our data remains safe.

So let’s learn what those precautionary measures are and how they can help us keep our data safe and protected against criminals.

Measures You Must Take Before Sending In Your Device To A Computer Repair Shop In Braintree

Whenever an unforeseen event happens and we break our phones, or in case they start making issues, all we do is panic (Which is completely normal) and rush to the nearest computer repair service center to get it fixed. But before immediately rushing to any store for phone repair, you must ensure you take these precautionary measures.

It is also highly recommended to visit a reputed phone repair store such as Appcessories LLC, which has a team of highly qualified technicians that can solve all your software or hardware-related phone issues instantly. 

It is suggested to choose a doorstep phone repair store because this way, you will be protecting yourself from the risk of data breach and leak of personal information. Moreover, technicians at reputed stores are trained and hence will be able to solve your electronics more effectively, if the technicians are not qualified, they may damage your device more, causing more issues instead of fixing it, or in some cases, they may be able to fix your device at the first place, but the repair won’t last long. 

Now moving on to the precautionary measures that you must take…

Unlink Your Device From All Your Accounts

Unlinking your device from all your social media accounts is highly recommended as most of us save our login information on our devices to save the hassle of entering the login credentials again and again. Some of us even save the login information as we tend to forget it. But before you send in your device to a computer repair service center, it is recommended that you unlink your device from your social media accounts and delete all the saved login information because the last thing anyone would ever want is for the serviceman to gain access to their social media accounts.

Remove Your SIM and Memory Card

Repairing your device may take some days, so it is for the best that you remove your sim card from the device so that you may be able to insert it into a substitute device so that you will not have to miss important calls while your phone is gone for the repair service. 

It is also recommended to remove the memory card from the device as it may get damaged or misplaced at the iPhone and iPad repair store. Therefore, you should remove it and keep it somewhere safe.

Create A Back Up Of All Your Data

You must create a backup of all your important data. You may transfer the media files and important documents to an external hard drive or use cloud storage services. 

Cloud storage services are highly recommended as they allow you to save important data just by logging into your account. This way, you will be able to easily access your data just by logging into your account, even from a different device. 

Note Down Your Phone’s IMEI Number

You must also note down your device’s IMEI number. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15-digit unique number often printed on the back of your device, which helps to identify your device in case it gets misplaced or lost. 

So these are some of the precautionary measures that you must take before sending in your device to a computer repair shop in Braintree. We at Appcessories LLC offer a variety of computer, iPad, Tablet, and phone repair services ranging from electrical components replacement to data recovery. So if any of your electronic gadgets is causing issues, you can come to us confidently to get it fixed.

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