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How to Speed Up Your Phone

How to Speed Up Your Phone?

If your phone has started running slower, you probably have to visit a Phone repair shop in Braintree to diagnose and fix it. However, there are some tips that you can follow to see if your phone starts running back to its normal speed.

When you recently purchased a new phone, your phone works fast, and you can smoothly and easily transition between apps and tabs. However, with the passage of time, you’ll start seeing it slowing down. Sometimes it happens all of a sudden, and sometimes it happens gradually. But what’s the reason for your phone slowing down? And what can you do to prevent it?

At Appcessories LLC, our team of expert technicians helps people diagnose and fix their electronic gadgets-related issues every day. We provide various services ranging from electronic components replacements to resolving software issues.  

How To Speed Up A Slow Phone? By Phone Repair Shop In Braintree

Even the best and most expensive phones start showing the signs of aging i.e., phones slowing down and battery draining fast over a time period. However, there are certain things you can do to fix it.

Here are some tips by Appcessories LLC to speed up your slow phone.

Free Up Some Storage Space

One of the most common reasons for your phone slowing down is the lack of storage space. Experts in Phone repair services suggest that it is best to keep your phone storage space free by up to 20% as your phone starts slowing down when there is around 10% storage capacity left in your phone. Hence, it is recommended that you delete any kinds of media files, data, documents, or information that you no longer use. 

It is best if you perform a weekly cleansing of your data’s storage. However, doing it every week requires time and effort, so the least you can do is do it at least once every month. 

Uninstall Unused Apps

Often times we download apps, but we never use them. Little do we know that downloading apps takes up a lot of storage space, and if, by chance, they keep running in the background, they may even clog the memory, causing your phone to slow down. 

Hence, it is recommended that you delete any apps you do not really use.

Update Your Phone To The Latest Software

The phone’s manufacturer usually introduces updates to introduce a new feature, improve the previous features, or fix any bugs or errors in the preview version. Hence, iPhone & iPad repair experts recommend that you always keep your phone updated to the latest version as it can help speed up your device and improve system smoothness.

Reboot The Device

Switch off your device and then turn it on again. Rebooting is the first thing you must do if your phone freezes or slows down. This simple trick can work wonders for your device’s performance, especially if some troublesome app is causing issues in the background, making your phone run slower. 

Phone Repair Service experts recommend that you must reboot your device once every week. However, if you notice sluggishness between reboots, you may increase the rebooting frequency to every second day.

Look For Any Damage

If your phone’s performance does not improve even after trying all the methods mentioned above, you may inspect your device thoroughly to look for any physical or hardware damage. If you recently dropped your phone on the floor or hit it somewhere, then it might be that your phone screen cracked or some internal electrical component of the device is damaged, or if you spilled liquid on it, it might be because of moisture.

In such a case, you may bring your device to us at Appcessories LLC to get it diagnosed and fixed instantly. Our team of expert technicians will go through and inspect your device carefully and see if any component needs to be replaced to make your device run smoothly again.

So these are some tips that have been tried and tested by experts at the computer repair shop in Braintree to speed up your device. If any of the above does not work, you may bring it to us to get your diagnosis fixed.

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