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Remove Water From Phone Speakers

How To Remove Water From Phone Speakers?

Spilling liquid on your phone or getting some sprinkles of water on your phone at a pool party is quite common but what makes you panic is the muffled sounds you hear when you make a call, watch videos online, or just listen to music. But you don’t have to stress over it anymore as the experts of phone repair give us some tried and tested tips to dry out the water from your phone!

We at Appcessories LLC offer a wide range of phone repair services. You can bring your water-logged phone to us to make it function adequately again.

Tips To Remove Water From Phone Speakers

Spilling water on your device’s speakers is common, but what makes you panic is when you find out that water made its way to your phone speakers, and now you hear muffled sounds whenever you make a call. It makes your voice unclear and makes you uncomfortable when you watch a video or just listen to music. 

Most people believe that in case of water damage, you either have to replace the phone speakers or get the device replaced. However, according to the experts in mobile phone repair, this is not ALWAYS the case. It depends on the severity of the damage and how you deal with it. 

You must remember that time is key when it comes to water-damaged phones. If you act right at the right time, you can minimize the damage and even protect yourself from the need to visit a phone repair shop in Braintree. Therefore, we have come up with this comprehensive guide to help you understand what you can do at such a time to minimize the damage. So without further ado, let’s have a look at what the experts have to say.

Try Out The Phone Speaker Cleaner Feature

If you have an Android phone, it possesses a speaker cleaner feature designed to remove any dust particles, debris, or water from your speakers. The feature allows you to play a sound on your device that helps remove any kind of water or dust from the phone. The voice is loud and makes the phone vibrate and triggers it. 

Therefore, the experts in mobile phone repair recommend checking if you have this feature on your phone device before you move on to the other steps. You may check for this feature in the settings or the additional settings of your phone device.

Download The Right App To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speakers

Unluckily if your phone does not possess the speaker cleaner feature, you may search for other speaker-cleaning sounds and play them out on your device. However, you must ensure that it is just not any sound, as the sounds to clean the speakers makes your phone vibrate and triggers it enough so that it may remove any dust particles or water from the speakers.

But the good news is that you do not have to spend hours searching for the right sound, as apps are designed specifically for it. They play sounds similar to the native feature, which makes the phone vibrate, and triggers it. 

Let The Speakers Dry Out

All of the methods mentioned above only work if the water in your phone is dried out. However, if the water is not dried, these methods might not work. Therefore, you must let your phone dry first in a room-temperature environment for at least 48 hours before trying these features. 

Get Help From The Professionals 

Sometimes, just playing something loud on your device or letting it dry out in a room-temperature environment may make it function adequately again, or sometimes, you need professional assistance to get the water out of your phone’s screen. It all depends on the water penetration level into your device’s speakers. 

You can try these tips suggested by Repair Experts at home. However, if your speakers still don’t work properly, you can bring them to us to get your phone properly inspected, diagnosed and fixed by professionals.


If none of the above-mentioned tips worked for you, you might need professional help. In such a case, you must contact us to book an appointment with one of our technicians to get your phone’s speakers properly inspected and diagnosed, after which our technician will be able to guide you if your phone speakers can be fixed or require a replacement. 

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