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How to remove scratches from phone screen

How to Remove Scratches from Phone Screen

Welcome to our blog, where we’re about to reveal an array of tips on how to remove scratches from your phone screen that will leave you pleasantly surprised. If you’ve ever cringed at a scratched phone screen, fret not. 

We’re delving deep into the world of screen repair, providing a comprehensive guide. You’ll explore various tricks, like using toothpaste as a gentle abrasive, using baking soda’s magical scratch-removing prowess, or applying the unexpected but effective solution of baby oil. 

Phone screen scratches are one of the most common types of phone screen damage. For light scratches, using toothpaste or baking soda mixed with water to create a paste and gently rubbing it on the screen in a circular motion can help. For deeper scratches, a glass polishing kit or a DIY mix of baking soda and water applied with a microfiber cloth may be more effective. 

In extreme cases, professional repair services or screen replacements might be necessary. Regularly using screen protectors and keeping phones in protective cases can also help prevent scratches in the first place.

Remove Scratches From the Phone Screen

Explore our expert guidance to discover the best methods for removing scratches from your phone screen. We’ll reveal effective techniques and tips to restore your screen to its original pristine condition. Say goodbye to those bothersome scratches with our step-by-step solutions.

Toothpaste Magic

Use only a tiny quantity of toothpaste, dab it onto a nice fabric, and rub over the scratch with circular motions. Wipe it clean, and all those micro scratches disappear! And you know what? It’s actually easy! Hence, let us examine the scientific aspect of this.

Well, in fact, toothpaste consists of small particles that are slightly abrasive, and they work in removing minor surface defects.

Baking Soda Superpower

Did you know that baking soda is a superhero? Stir a small amount of baking soda into water to create a paste, and then use that on those tiny scratches. Wipe it gently with a soft cloth, followed by wiping it off. Well, of course, now we have an action good enough to remove scratches from our phone screens.

Somewhat like a chameleon, baking soda changes its shape according to the needs of the phone or tablet screen. When mixed with water, it acts like a slight abrasion – the same as toothpaste. Those scratches are smoothened as a result of this gentle abrasion.

Baby Oil Secret

The baby oil could do wonders for these scratches. Simply dampen a piece of soft cloth with a few drops, then brush it over the scratches. The effect is as if you are massaging your phone’s display. However, this will not work on deep scratches, but it is good for lighter ones.

This is why baby oil works for filling up these scratches to create aHow to remove scratches from phone screen temporal rough surface. It is a simple and effective method for common types of scrapes on screen, but it may not fix the toughest ones. At this stage, you may need doorstep phone repair services.

Screen Protectors to the Rescue

Now, here’s something everyone can do: get a screen protector! It’s like a mobile shield. There are numerous styles and various types of phone screen protectors available, and you can pick one according to your preferences. 

The first thing you do when you get a new phone is put a screen protector on it. This is not a step to remove scratches from your phone screen but to take precautions beforehand.

DIY Scratch Filler

Create your own scratch filler, DIY-loving people. Make a paste by mixing vegetable oil with baking soda. Apply it onto the scratched area and then rub it with a soft cloth. It will remove those hideous scratches from your phone screen. However, the paste is only a part of the magic.

Vegetable oil provides a slight glowing sheen to your phone screen, while baking soda calms down those slight wrinkles.

Scratch Removers

There is even a special scratch remover in the market that could help you get a ready-made fix. They come with instructions. When you follow the instructions carefully, magic will occur! However, What’s in these Special Scratch Removers?

They have a combination of some chemicals that act as a filler for those scratches so that the phone screen can become spotless.

Toothpick and Super Glue Adventure

Let us take a deep breath here for those brave of heart to venture into the dark corners of screen restoration. Apply a drop of super glue to the scratch; allow it to dry out. Use a toothpick to scrape off the excess glue and witness the magic of removing scratches from your phone screen.

When super glue dries, it becomes a hard surface. You’re creating a smooth layer over the scratch, making it less visible by applying it to the scratch and scraping off the excess.


So, there you have it: Ways to make your phone screen look good again! Although not all scratches can be removed, these methods can greatly improve the appearance of your phone screen. It’s like giving your phone a makeover, and who doesn’t like a makeover? Also, by using these tips you can save yourself from costly phone repair services.

Please share these great tips on how to remove scratches from your phone screen with your family and friends. They might also have scratched their screens and will appreciate you for revealing the secret of cleaning screens like a new one. Scratch-free phone and crystal-clear screen to continue exploring technology’s endless possibilities!

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